C3 Large Flush Fitted Drip Tray
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C3 Large Flush Fitted Drip Tray

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This spill tray suits high-traffic areas where the water system is used for systematic bottle and glass filling. This stainless steel drip tray boasts the same features and installation requirements as the Small drip tray, the main difference is its increase in size to suit the width of the three levered taps. 

Simple to install, this fitted drip tray comes complete with a drainage spigot* for integration with the Waste Kit with Overflow Alarm, or with the Standard Mains Drainage Kit for the ultimate user experience. 

This Large Flush Fitted Drip tray has been improved and now includes larger flange for easier installation. This item will require cutting into the worktop surface, and an accurate cutting template and instructions are included.

*the drainage spigot includes a cap for when a drainage option has not been selected.

Dimensions: 180x250x30mm

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