Bottled Water or Point-of-use?

For many years businesses have used bottled water coolers to provide their staff with a supply of chilled water. In recent years forward thinking businesses have woken up to the benefits of choosing point-of-use (bottleless) water coolers for their workplace. A point-of-use water cooler is the smart choice for your workplace, simply because it is cheaper, less hassle, more convenient and better for the environment!

Switch to Point-of-Use (P.O.U) and you'll never have to experience the hassle associated with bottled coolers...

Time to start using POU

Some of the key benefits of bottle-less water coolers over bottled water coolers include:

No transport required, does not add to road congestion, far more environmentally friendly, unlimited freshly chilled and filtered water, they cost a fraction of the cost of bottled water, avoids running out of bottled drinking water, avoids unnecessary storage, avoids manual handling of very heavy bottles, no health and safety issues, customers get just one simple invoice each year, no complicated credits, debits for bottles, bottle deposits, returns, saves time on admin.

Cost Comparison Calculator

How many bottles do you purchase each week? x Cost per bottle £ x 52 weeks = £ per year
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Your quarterly sanitisation/maintenance charge (if applicable): £ x 4 Quarters = £ Per year
Environmental charges (if applicable): £ x 12 Months = £ Per year
Miscellaneous charges (if applicable): x £ x = £ Per year
You are currently spending = £ Per year
So, let's see how much we can save you at Cool Coolers...
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