AA-First Undercounter Chiller
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AA-First Undercounter Chiller

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The UC800M/MC/MCL Undersink Chiller is designed to be installed in an under-counter kitchen cabinet. The impressively quiet chilling unit will not disturb anyone nearby. The elegant Chrome Swan Neck Tap, on the UC800MC is installed above the counter, and will be the only visible element of the UC800MC. The UC800M should be installed next to a draining sink. The UC800M provides 11.5 ltr/h of below 10C chilled water


  • Cold Water Tank: Stainless Steel, 1.95 Litres
  • Cooling Performance: 11.5 Litres per hour below 10˚C at influent water temperature of 20˚C
  • Thermostat: 4˚C to 10˚C Factory set (Do not adjust)
  • Refrigeration System: R-600a, 16g
  • Power Supply: 220-240Volt, 50/60 Hz
  • Inlet and Outlet Pipes: ¼” Push Fit
  • Ventilation: allow for 50 mm clearance on all sides
  • For best performance please ensure installation has adequate ventilation. Poor ventilation will adversely affect the performance of this product and may result in premature failure


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