AA-First Font 30 Wall Mounted Fountain
Wall Mounted Water Fountain


AA-First Font 30 Wall Mounted Fountain

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AA-First Premium Wall Mounted Water Fountain. With contactless options and the ability to be connected to an under counter chiller, it's perfect for your use case.


  • The FONT10 Offers a simple solution to a growing need for accessible drinking water in schools and sports centres amongst other locations
  • The FONT10 comes with a non stick “joy stick”, instead of a push button bubbler
  • It is suitable for indoor or covered outdoor installation
  • It is set up for mains drainage. The FONT10 simply connects straight into the mains supply and does not include a chilling unit as standard
  • To increase/decrease the Bubbler water flow remove the outer Bubbler spout and then adjust with a screw driver
  • The FONT10 provides ambient water. It can be connected to an Under-sink Chiller to provide chilled water


For additional Hygiene add a Contactless Tap from the options

Please note: Contactless Taps are powered by two 3V batteries with a tested life span of 86.000 Solenoid activations.

Contactless taps are programmed to stop dispensing after 6 seconds. If that is insufficient you can place your hand again over the sensor to continue dispensing.


Add an Under Counter Unit from the options to provide Chilled Water

Please note: Under Counter Unit requires a power supply.

  • Cold Water Tank: Stainless Steel, 1.95 Litres
  • Cooling Performance: 11.5 Litres per hour below 10˚C at influent water temperature of 20˚C
  • Thermostat: 4˚C to 10˚C Factory set (Do not adjust)
  • Refrigeration System: R-600a, 16g
  • Power Supply: 220-240Volt, 50/60 Hz
  • Inlet and Outlet Pipes: ¼” Push Fit
  • Ventilation: allow for 50 mm clearance on all sides
  • For best performance please ensure installation has adequate ventilation. Poor ventilation will adversely affect the performance of this product and may result in premature failure


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