Frequently Asked Questions


Are our Filter Water Machines suitable for areas other than in a busy office,business or shop?

We supply a range of top quality leading brand dispensers with a selection of styles and colours to suit different situations. All our floor standing and mini table top Water Machines are robust to cope with busy environments where necessary.

We find that people who think that a plumbed in dispenser is not for them have often overlooked the possibilities of table top dispensers which are compact and sit efficiently and elegantly within meeting rooms, kitchens, client reception areas or other areas where superb quality drinking water is needed.

How much drinking water should you allow for staff?

People should generally drink around 2.5 litres per day of fresh water which typically they obtain from home and work. Each office is different e.g. some staff can often be away from the office frequently or clients often visit and need drinking water. As a starting point Cool Coolers suggests allowing 1.5 litres per employee per day but you should refine this for your own situation.

How much drinking water can be filtered by Cool Coolers Water Dispensers?

We supply all our water dispensers fitted with world class filters filters  and are designed to produce over 25,000 cups (7 oz/ 200 ml) of superb drinking water (filter are rated at 5,678 litres/ 1,500 US gallons). Apart from output capacity, there may be many factors affecting your decision on how many water dispensers to use e.g. average walking talk to water dispensers or special needs of staff, pupils, customers or patients.

Why are our prices so low? How can we include high quality water filters as standard and still keep our prices very low?

The answer is that Cool Coolers is part of a larger group of companies which gives economies of scale. It enables us to ensure our processes, procedures and overheads are efficient which allows us to work on low margins,enabling us to pass on the savings to you our customer.

How does changing water filters work?

We change the filters for customers and sanitise the water dispensers at the same time. We will contact you near to your filter change appointment to confirm that we can gain access to the water dispensers.

How much does it cost to install the water dispensers?

Installation is included in the rental charge. We plumb the Water Machines to a drinking water main using food quality equipment. We require a 13 amp socket within 2 metres of the Unit.

How much does it cost to keep the water dispensers?

You can rent one of our water dispensers over 3, 4, or 5 years with an option to buy or extend the rental period after this. We carry out a site visit to confirm whether our water dispensers would be suitable (we do not always supply water dispensers e.g. for Health and Safety reasons) and offer a full quotation without any obligation.

The rental payments includes half-yearly sanitisation and filter changes; so there are no other charges. We can supply cups but these are not included in the lease.

We offer a 7 day trial of our water machines but most people prefer to enter straight into the contract.

You need to confirm the tax treatment with your professional advisor for you particular circumstances - rental payments may be 100% deductible for tax.

Extra Information

Sanitisation and Filter Changes

The rental covers sanitisation (internal cleaning, sterilisation and de-scaling) and replacement filter changes every 6 months. There are no charges for materials. You should regularly clean the outside of water dispensers to remove dirty splashes, empty the drip tray and ensure the taps are kept hygienic.

Can I relocate water dispensers within the building or to another building?

Yes, subject to our agreement, but the cost of this is not within the lease contract. Our concern would be to ensure the water dispenser is located where it does not provide a health and safety risk, it is secure and where it can be used properly.

Audit logs of Water Machines

When we service and sanitise water dispensers, a detailed audit log is kept for each, recording when water dispensers were installed, cleaned,sanitised and filters changed.

Technical Background

As standard we fit a non-return valve with water dispencers to protect against water flowing back into the main. We fit a patented "Water Block" which can detect unexpectedly high water flow caused by leaking and cut off the water supply close to the mains connection.


We can bill annually or quarterly. For new customers we require quarterly payments in advance. Payment can be through standing order or direct debit.

Damage and theft

Whilst water dispensers are on your premises you are responsible for them. They may be covered by your own insurance but you should check this as you may be liable for replacement of the equipment.

Water purity and freshness

Bacteria can grow in the water bottles of dispensers whenever these are left standing a room temperature for a few days or more (hence, you should ensure bottles are turned over quickly). It means that your tap water could be cleaner than the water in the dispenser bottles, although chlorine in tap water can impair the taste. The impurities can be reduced using best-in-the market world class filters.

Cost: What we have found in practice

For 1 dispenser: A bottled water dispenser will typically costs from £700 to £1,100 per year excluding hidden costs. A plumbed in water producing better quality water might cost £195 per year.

For 8 dispensers: The bottled water dispensers will typically cost around £7,000.00 per year. Plumbed in water dispensers might cost £1560.00 per year (i.e. doubling the number of plumbed in dispensers at a site does not mean that the costs double).

An alternative would be for you to upgrade your bottled dispenser to the premium model plumbed in dispenser whilst still saving costs and improving the quality of your drinking water. Prices are subject to quote for your specific circumstances and may not apply.

Supplying Bottles to machines

A substantial hidden cost to businesses is incurred in ordering bottles, receiving them, storing full and empty bottles and chasing bottle orders that go missing or are delayed. Staff must also lift heavy bottles to machines (always remembering to remove the sticky label at the mouth of the bottle to prevent damaging the dispenser). The hidden cost can be in the order of £100 to £400 per dispenser per year on top of the visible rental costs.

Water Branding

Tap water that is purified by high quality filters to a set specification within a plumbed in water dispenser lacks the mystery of 'mineral water', 'spring water' or 'bottled water'. Filtered drinking tap water can be purer, more controllable, taste better, does not run out, make better drinks and be substantially cheaper. It can also avoid re-ordering, storing and lifting heavy bottles.


Bottled Water Dispensers need regular deliveries of new bottles. Weekly bottle supplies for the 100,000 or so bottled water coolers installed in the UK during the 1980's and 1990's is adding tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. The rapidly growing 20,000 plumbed in water dispensers installed in recent years cause much less pollution.

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